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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Conversation Not To Have With A Director

"So our manager left to pursue other opportunities, after having screwed up our business. His leaving wasn't a shock; it was expected. I then pleaded and lobbied you to give me his job, because our outgoing manager was such idiot that letting one of his cronies be his successor would have been just like letting him stay and continue to do things the wrong way.

"Now I've had to make some changes without the support of the old manager's cronies. They don't like me, and they don't care that that is making our business continue to struggle. My changes are working, but just not fast enough to keep up with the pile of problems that are mounting. I inherited these problems from the last idiot manager who screwed things up for years, so it is not surprising that one year into my job things aren't turned around yet. The fact that his cronies won't support me is why things are so screwed up."