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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Edna On Mac, Followup #1

One thing I've noticed that can be annoying when using Edna, or any streaming media, is when the songs get cut up and choke due to poor network performance. I typically favor VLC Media Player as my streaming media client. I Google searched for a way to increase the default setting for the cache time associated with streams and was always frustrated. Today, I believe I found a hint for the solution on VideoLan's forum board.

Go to your preference pane, using the "Advanced" view (or "Show All Settings), choose Input Codecs -> Access Module -> HTTP(S). The default cache value can be set from there.

For me at work, I've set the cache value to 5000ms (5 seconds). There's a 5 second pause between songs, a pain when the songs are supposed to bleed together, but it's better than the alternative: cut up songs.

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